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Failt Erriu Dys Skyll Maghal
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Maughold is part of the
Garff Joint Initiative...
Garff Joint Initiative
The Chairman
Mr John Quayle
The Vice Chairman
Mrs Corrina Perks
Mr Mark Cowley
Mr Robert Moughtin
Mrs Marinda Fargher
Representation on Committees and Boards
Garff Joint Initiative Committee - Mr Robert Moughtin, Mr John Quayle
Northern Local Authorities Swimming Pool Board - Mrs Corrina Perks
Isle of Man Municipal Association - Mr Robert Moughtin
Northern Housing Board - Mrs Marinda Fargher
A representative from the Commissioners also attends the following as necessary: Northern Traffic Management Liaison Group; Northern Neighbourhood Policing Team

Martin Royle
Commissioners' Office,
35 New Road
Isle of Man

Opening hours: these vary due to the Clerk's duties elsewhere in the Parish. An appointment is recommended. 

Telephone: 01624 819690 / 07624 422148; email:

Commissioners' Meetings
These normally take Place on the first Monday of each month. 
Please note: they may take place later in the week, or on the following Monday due to bank holidays, etc.

Requisition Meetings
These can be called on any matter when at least ten parishioners sign a request to the Captain of the Parish for such a meeting.

They are often called by parishioners at times of election in order to bring candidates on to the same platform for questioning by the electorate.

The Captain of Maughold Parish is Mrs Hazel Lace CP,
Thalloo Ree, The Dhoon, Maughold.

Your MHK
Member for Garff
The Hon Stephen Charles Rodan BSc MR PharmS SHK
Speaker of the House of Keys
Steve Rodan
Biography of Mr Rodan at the Tynwald Website (
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